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Here at Lowrey Chiropractic we've had great success in treating patients with all types of health conditions.  Click below on a specific condition to see what our patients have to say about their experience being treated at Lowrey Chiropractic

Back, Hip, and Sciatic Pain

Headaches and Neck Pain

Sports Injuries

Auto accidents/Whiplash

Extremity Injuries

Other Ailments

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Back, Hip, and Sciatic Pain:

        "I started going to Lowrey Chiropractic after an injury to my lower back. I had such severe lower back pain and leg pain that I was unable to walk into his office. After the first treatment, I was able to walk down the hallway in his office, which was a huge accomplishment given the fact that just an hour prior, I was carried in by my husband due to my inability to walk or lift my legs without severe pain. I have been seeing Dr. Lowrey ever since and truly believe he is the best in his business. I believe that without his experience in advanced treatments and therapy I would not be living the active lifestyle and quality of life I live today. I appreciate his time and dedication. Thank you Dr. Lowrey!!!! "- Star W, Placerville, CA - March 7, 2012

       "I had injured my back and spent Christmas Eve in the hospital. Thanks to Dr. Lowrey I am now back to 100%. The treatments make me feel great." - Jeff H, El Dorado Hills, CA - February 20, 2012

       "Dr. Lowrey and his staff are always very personable and willing to answer any question. I suffer from lower back and hip joint pains that have made it difficult for me to continue working out and being active. However, after weeks of therapy and treatment with Dr. Lowrey, the pains have subsided considerably, and I am back in ACTION! More significant is the "re-education" I've received regarding the way I sit, walk, lean, lie down, exercise, etc...much unnecessary strains on the back due to old bad habits. The best part: no medication. Previous doctors have prescribed a ton of ibuprofen as part of my "therapy," which only caused stomach problems. At Lowrey Chiropractic, best practices include heat/ice therapy, deep tissue massage, and "well-adjusted" happy clients." - Rose I, El Dorado Hills, CA - February 17, 2012

        "I started going to Lowrey Chiropractic about 4 months ago. I used to not be able to sit for an hour without my back hurting but now its not a problem. The service is great and the people are friendly." - Danica S, El Dorado Hills, CA - February 7, 2012

        "I've been seeing Dr Lowrey for about three years for sporadic back and neck pain. Dr. Lowrey has always correctly identified and successfully treated all of my symptoms. Dr Lowrey is very knowledgeable and is always eager to demonstrate (and explain) the latest techniques along with their benefits. He's passionate about his craft and has always given me quality time doing everything he can to make me feel better. He's 5 stars!!! I would highly recommend Dr Lowrey to anyone seeking Chiropractic care in the area." - Eric K., El Dorado Hills, CA - January 28, 2012

       "I first came to Lowrey Chiropractic about 3 years ago for a back and neck adjustment. The need for this happens sporadically as I get older, or do something I shouldn't. At the time, the pain was relatively sharp - relief was over two sessions - problem was resolved - no pain and restored range of motion. I am currently in treatment for a different issue in the lower back; again, after one treatment, most of the pain is gone. I expect most of this will be over after this treatment. Response is quick and comforting. I have had treatment from other chiropractors before - generally with similar results, although not always without recurrence - sometimes takes longer. Physicians generally treat with medication - I prefer the chiropractic approach - don't like to over medicate." - John H, El Dorado Hills, CA - October 14, 2011.

        "I started having lower back pain during my third pregnancy that just didn't go away. After 3 years of my regular doctor telling me "everything is fine ....just do this stretch" I had had enough. The pain was getting worse and had begun to severely restrict my day to day movement. Not something I had time for with 3 kids. I started seeing Dr. Lowrey about a year ago and wish I wouldn't have wasted so much time in pain. I can't thank him enough. Not just for the pain free days but the new lease on life. Now I can focus on enjoying my family instead of the pain and all the things I can't do. THANK YOU. THANK YOU. THANK YOU." -Amanda O, El Dorado Hills, CA - July 13, 2011

        "My first visit to Dr. Lowrey was in 2007. I was having severe lower back pain and hadn't found a chiropractor in the area who could help me. As a preschool teacher I found that the constant bending and lifting was only making my condition worse. I had been having back pain for three years. I was to the point where I could barely stand up when a friend recommended Dr. Lowrey. He was kind enough to see me immediately and I found instant relief. I continued to receive treatment by Dr. Lowrey and felt better than I had in years. I was fortunate enough to be able to receive care throughout my recent pregnancy and was thrilled with the results. I was always concerned that I would end up on bed rest while pregnant because I have always had so many problems with my back. Dr. Lowrey didn't only help my back out but I felt awesome through my pregnancy. I had even less pain than before! Thanks Dr. Lowrey for making my life so much more enjoyable! " - Toniya A, West Sacramento, CA - September 15, 2010

        "I first came to Lowrey Chiropractic about 3 years ago for pain in my neck and back. I have been to chiropractors before but had been out of the loop as far as consistent care was concerned. Dr. Lowrey helped me with my initial neck and back pain as well as after I sprained my ankle. I had never had an injury like that before and was so bothered by the fact that I couldnt move around normally. I went to Dr. Lowrey on a weekly basis so he could do Graston on my ankle. I noticed a definite improvement after only a few treatments along with the things he told me to do at home like icing it and using the balance board amongst other things. I have since had some other injuries that Dr. Lowrey continues to help me with. I like going to him because he takes his time. He personalizes his appointments to find out exactly what the problem is that you are dealing with and he tries to find treatments that will help and heal you so you can be rid of the injury (meaning, he doesnt just adjust you and send you on your way, which I have experienced in the past). I also like him because he incorporates other things into his treatments, not just chiropratic. He talks about stretching, strength training and cardio to improve your overall health in general. He is always ready to answer any questions you may have, he is very smart and knows what he is talking about. I highly recommend Dr. Lowrey!" - Sasha W, Sacramento, CA - April 8, 2010

        "I did not go to the chiropractor until I was over 50 and I had damage to my lower back and neck. I work at a desk so my posture as I'm sitting is constantly irritating my condition. Doctor Lowrey keeps me moving freely and able to continue working. He really wants to make things better so he keeps looking for new techniques to help your condition. He will work as hard as you are willing to make yourself improve. I recommend him highly!" - Pam C, Cameron Park, CA - February 15, 2010

        "I have been dealing with severe lower back pain (facet joint degeneration and disc bulges) for several years, and I became tired of prescription medications and lumbar cortisone injections that only dealt with covering up the pain and not fixing the underlying problems. Fortunately a good friend of mine recommended Dr. Lowrey to me. Since seeing Dr. Lowrey, I am able to play hard on my mountain bike and skis without paying the price in pain the next day. Not only am I finding great results from chiropractic care, but the ART and Graston treatments are a great combination for me as well. Dr. Lowrey also provides instruction on stretches and exercises that keep my core fit and ready to handle my outdoor activities!" - Sean C, El Dorado Hills, CA - January 12, 2010

Headaches and Neck Pain:

      "Lowrey Chiropractic staff is awesome always cheerful, helpful and flexible when I need to get in on short notice. Dr. Lowrey has helped me since day one. I have a mid-back to neck problems with stiffness, Dr. Lowrey helps me stay in-line and maintain for weeks on end. I also have a real bad low back problem (Bad) that Dr. Lowrey has helped me to manage my pain and walk out of his office with little to no pain. Now my wife and I both go and love the results. I would highly recommend the offices of Lowrey Chiropractic all around great Chiropractic experience." - Tino S, El Dorado Hills, CA - February 13, 2012

       "I began seeing Dr. Lowrey for my upper back and neck pain. Since I began treatment I have seen a huge improvement in the level of pain I was experiencing. I had been to other chiropractors in the past but Dr. Lowrey's treatment has by far been the most beneficial. He is always willing to spend the time to give the best treatment possible. Dr. Lowrey's use of ART and Graston, along with chiropractic care, has allowed for the most effective treatment of all my symptoms. I have recommended Dr. Lowrey to my entire family and I would highly recommend him to anyone seeking chiropractic care!" - Caily P, Shingle Springs, CA - January 30, 2012

       "My family has been seeing Dr. Lowrey for several years. My mother for her neck (which she injured more then 20 years ago), my dad for a recovering back injury/surgery, and my brother for a slew of Rugby related injuries. All three of them swore by Dr. Lowery, so I decided to give him a shot. I first came to see Dr. Lowrey in early 2008 for a recovering sprained ankle. The staff was very professional; explained injuries/recovery very well, and made me feel comfortable at all times. My recent trip to them this year involved some problems with my neck, and the treatment I received was just as good as it was a few years before! And every time I have come in, the pain is much much less by the time I leave. Awesome service, great staff!" - Nick B, Cameron Park, CA - January 24, 2012

      "I came to Lowrey Chiropractic about two months ago. My neck was in such pain I could barely turn my head, which was very uncomfortable while driving and having to turn my head. I also had migraine headaches at least five days a week. I had tried acupuncture for my neck and to help with the migraines. I did this for two months and didn't get any relief at all. My doctor told me that I just had arthritis in my neck. Since coming to Dr. Lowrey, the techniques that he has been using, the Graston technique, Active release technique, and the activator have been wonderful. I have had such relief in my neck and my migraines are much better. I might get one in a week, if that. I also felt like my head could think more clearly. Thank you to Dr. Lowrey for making me feel like my old self again." - Joanna L, El Dorado Hills, CA - October 7, 2011

       "I showed up at Lowrey Chiropractic about 3 weeks ago because I was experiencing pain in my neck and a very irritating numbness/tingling in my back. The headaches this caused were horrible. I've been to a few chiropractors over the years and always had bad experiences but took a chance that maybe it would help. Dr. Lowrey respected my boundaries and fears until I found I was feeling so much better I looked forward to going! I feel 100% better, the headaches are gone and I'm a happy girl. I would definitely refer anyone and everyone, especially those who are a little leery like I was!" -Amber Moss, P, CA May 6, 2011

       "I came to Lowery Chiropractic because I was referred by a good friend who highly recommended this office back in mid March of this year. I had been living with growing aching and stiffness in my neck and shoulders which caused me to also experience a strong numbness and tingling down my right arm. I had been to a chiropractor before but I really didn't give it a chance, and then tried physical therapy upon the recommendation of my doctor but that wasn't helping my problems, and then I just tried to live with it by maintaining the pain with Tylenol or Ibuprofen. Finally, my friend told me about Dr. Lowrey's services and I decided to give his office a chance. After 3 weeks or so of his services and recommendations with stretching and ice therapy, I can honestly say that I am at about 85% pain-free! While I understand that chiropractic services aren't a cure for chronic problems for my neck and shoulders, I feel that the techniques he used and the stretches and ice therapy greatly reduced the pain and tingling and numbing that I was experiencing. I would recommend this office to anyone who wants a chiropractor who truely cares about treating his patients with care and compassion and techniques that are customized for each person's needs. Thank you so much Dr. Lowery!" - Sheryl, El Dorado Hills, CA - April 14, 2011

       "I first came to Dr. Lowrey about 5 weeks ago, my right side, neck and shoulder blade area, were extremely stiff and sore, I was also having frequent headaches. This had been going on for several years but had gotten worse in the last few months. I had been treated before by a chiropractor but never had relief for more than a couple of days after my visit. After just a few weeks of treatment by Dr. Lowrey I noticed that my neck and shoulder blade were feeling loose and my range of motion had improved drastically along with the painI am also now headache free. I am continuing my care with Dr. Lowrey as I never want to go back to where I was prior. I will recommend Dr. Lowrey to everyone, he takes the time to listen to you and explain why the problem occurs and the best treatment program for you. THANK YOU DR. LOWREY!!" -  Renee G. Placerville, CA - April 1, 2011

       "I was first introduced to Dr. Lowrey in August of 2009. I found via a local newspaper that there was going to be a "headache" seminar held in El Dorado Hills on a workday evening. I had been having migraines on a regular basis (bi-weekly) and was ready to join others that were trying to find a cure. I was very impressed by the seminar and Dr. Lowrey. I was being treated by a chiropractor in Sonoma County in the 1990's but had not yet found a good doctor once I moved back to El Dorado County. I made an appointment with Dr. Lowrey and found chiropractic care did indeed help my migraines, plus I found a new (to me) chiropractor I could trust with back and neck treatments. I kept seeing Dr. Lowrey on a monthly basis (or when I had the money since my insurance doesn't cover chiropractic care) and through my 2 motor vehicle accidents. I feel Dr. Lowrey truly cares about the treatment of his patients and you get a sense of that when are you in the office. I highly recommend Dr. Lowrey as a pain removing miracle worker with a wonderful personality. Thanks Dr. Lowrey!"  - Cheryl M, El Dorado Hills, CA - September 7, 2010

       "I first saw Dr. Lowrey in 2009 for ongoing headaches that I had been dealing with for the past seven years. I began taking medicine to treat my headaches, and as the pain increased so did the amount of medicine I took. It got to a point where I no longer wanted to have to take medicine to mask the pain, but wanted to treat the condition naturally. Knowing what I knew about chiropractic care, I thought that receiving chiropractic treatment might be the solution. I began going to a different chiropractor and saw no improvement with headaches. I gave up on chiropractic treatment for 2-3 years, and then as the pain increased, I knew I had to find the right chiropractor. I had heard of Dr. Lowrey, and when I realized he accepted my insurance I decided to begin treatment with him. It only took one appointment for me to be totally impressed with his techniques. He uses ART and Graston techniques in his office, and because of these techniques I have become a full believer in chiropractic and wellness care. Because I am on the maintenance program I seldom get headaches, and rarely take medication for headaches. After a surgery in 2010 I had limited range of motion in my left arm. I went to four physical therapy sessions and saw minimal improvement. I talked to Dr. Lowrey about my condition, and after two treatments with Dr. Lowrey I was able to get full range of motion in my arm. To prevent scar tissue from building up, Dr. Lowrey taught me exercises and stretches to ensure that my arm will continue to have full range of motion. I find I get more benefit from Dr. Lowrey's treatment than a full body massage. This is because he gets to the core of the problem. He will isolate the correct muscle and work out the problem. I would recommend Dr. Lowrey to any person interested in chiropractic care, especially those with neuromuscular complaints."  - Emily C, El Dorado Hills, CA - August 6, 2010

       "After spending over a year in physical therapy for neck and upper back pain, I decided to try a chiropractor since physical therapy was not helping my particular situation. I went to see Dr. Lowrey for my chronic pain and in just 6 weeks under his care, my pain was 70% better. Within a few months, I was pain free. Now, I see him occasionally for adjustments. His knowledge and treatment made a significant impact on my quality of life. Dr. Lowrey is intelligent, dependable, and has excellent bedside manner. He is the total package (if only every doctor could be this good). I am thankful to have him as my Chiropractor." - Karen S, El Dorado Hills, CA - June 4, 2010

Sports Injuries:

       "I started going to Lowrey Chiropractic for neck, shoulder and chest pain from old volleyball injuries. I separated my shoulder at the joint in high school and had never gotten the proper treatment for it, so it bothered me for years after. I was referred by a friend to go to Dr. Lowrey. He was quick and efficient and got right to the point. He used techniques such as ART and kinesiotaping. He also did Graston to break up my scar tissue. I had never been introduced to this before and it really helped loosen up my shoulders." - Kim Feigles, Folsom, CA - March 7, 2012

       "I first came to Lowrey Chiropractic in 2003 for ongoing back and neck pain. In college I was in a ski accident, and had been treated by other chiropractic offices in the bay area, prior to moving to El Dorado Hills in 2003. I initially came in twice a week, and because of Dr. Lowrey's sport-related therapies and rehab techniques along with adjustments I was soon able to reduce my visits to once a week. I now come in for weekly maintenance, just to stay tuned up. I highly recommend Dr. Lowrey for both his chiropractic care, along with his advanced soft tissue treatments, such as the Graston technique. He gave me personalized workout tips that allowed me to get a better workout in at the gym. Thanks for all your help Dr. Lowrey!" - Norm A. El Dorado Hills, CA - January 18, 2012

       "I started going to Lowrey Chiropractic about a month ago because of lower back strain I had from wrestling. I injured my back around 3 months ago and was taking pain medicine for over a month. It helped the pain a little but as soon as I came off the meds I still had the same lower back aching pain whenever I would lift something or bend down. I was recommended by my dad to go to Dr. Lowrey's and when I went I felt very comfortable thanks to the kindness of Ellie and Dr. Lowrey. Since I've been with Dr. Lowrey my back has done literally 80% better and I feel next to no pain at all. Now I'm just going once a week for maintenance and to make sure everything's in line, thank you to Lowrey Chiropractic." - Darrett S, El Dorado Hills, CA - November 16, 2011

            "I had a severe ankle injury from playing soccer and took about 11 months off to let it rehab - doing physical therapy for about six weeks. Once I felt comfortable enough, I started to play again and realized I was not healed at all. I then decided to go see Dr. Lowrey for ART and Graston on my ankle. He wanted to make sure that along with the treatment on my ankle that my overall health was being taken care of as well. Being active in all sorts of sports activities (biking, running, snowboarding, soccer) I could tell the difference in the way my body was behaving after being treated by Dr. Lowrey. He is very in tune with a patient's needs and is great at explaining how what he is doing affects your body. After about 2 months of treatments with Dr. Lowrey I was able to play soccer with no ankle pain and this Saturday will be taking part in my first triathlon, which would have been impossible without his knowledge and persistence to help me heal. Dr. Lowrey is always learning and keeping up with new technologies to continue to help his patients. The office atmosphere is very welcoming and warm and you are greeted with a smile at every visit. Thank you to Dr. Lowrey and all his staff for all they do!" -Laura H, Folsom, CA - August 11, 2011

"I have been suffering from a nagging upper hamstring issue for over six months. This injury has hampered my Ironman training and racing and has been a challenge trying to figure how to get better. Every person I had seen was not able to help. I decided I needed to try something new and I wanted to try ART. After seeing Dr. Lowrey for a few short weeks I have made huge progress. He has combined ART, Graston, and Chiropractic care during my visits. He is very thorough in his treatments and my body has responded in a very positive way. I am now able to train without pain and I feel stronger than I did before my injury. I am so happy with Dr. Lowrey and his treatments and his staff is so friendly. I highly recommend Lowrey Chiropractic for all your nagging pains!" -Kathleen C, Goldview, CA - July 21, 2011

       "I recently went to Dr Lowrey after being diagnosed with plantar fasciitis. I had not ran in over 2 months and was trying everything my doctor had advised me too. (stretching, resting, the sock, the inserts, etc) It was not working and I was impatient as ever to get back on the trail. I started googling alternative methods and discovered a technique called ART. Active Release Technique. Now I didnt know much before I started this treatment but it made a whole lot of sense. I went in to Dr Lowrey and was hoping for a miracle but expecting the same old, stay off it, stretch it, it takes time speech. Little did I know that in less than 2 weeks I would be running again with NO pain. Did you read that? NO pain!!! It is an amazing technique and I will be telling anyone and everyone that I hear has plantar fasciitis about it. There is no reason to waste all that time. I got the treatment I needed, the real answers I was looking for, a detailed outline of how to heal properly and Suzie was a sweet as can be every time we went in :) Definitely highly recommended. Thanks again! :)" - Sarah F, Folsom, CA - May 4, 2011

       "I was suffering from IT Band Syndrome while training for a half marathon. After many visits to a PT, doctors and a very expensive trip to Fleet Feet (thinking maybe the shoes were to blame), I had lost the hope of being able to run the race. But as a happy Chiropractor tale ending story, Dr. Lowrey came to my rescue! With a combination of the Graston technique and ART, I was able to get back to my running in no time! The Graston technique can be a little uncomfortable, but the healing results are amazing! He has even taught me great stretching exercises. I'm getting ready to run a marathon, and although I feel great, I will make an effort to go for my treatments regularly to keep my body in good condition. It takes time and money, but the way I see it, it is an investment to my overall wellness. Thank you Dr. Lowrey!" - Anabella B, El Dorado Hills, CA - November 7, 2010

       "I first saw Dr Lowrey in June 2010, due to a sports related re-injury to my knee. When I first saw Dr Lowrey my knee was extremely swollen and I had almost no range of motion. The injury first occurred at the end of 2009. At that time, it was determined I needed surgery by the orthopedist, and underwent an arthroscopy, with the intent to diagnose and repair. After which, I saw a physical therapist to assist with recovery, with somewhat poor results. Although, the swelling went down and I regained range of motion, my knee consistently locked up preventing almost all motion at that time. After the re-injury, directly due to the locking up, I was determined to find a solution that would lead to a real recovery, in which my knee would work properly. I found Dr Lowrey from an internet search and have been so grateful for this. Not only did the swelling subside, and my range of motion improve much faster with his treatment, but my knee is also working perfectly! I highly recommend his office for your injury or chiropractic needs. The office staff is wonderful, his techniques work great, and he uses advanced therapies like Graston and ART. Without a doubt, if I hadn't found his office, my knee would still be a mess! " - Ryan P, El Dorado Hills, CA - July 20, 2010

        "I am very active in athletics. The two sports I play the most are ice hockey and soccer. About four years ago during a soccer game I received a spinal compression injury, which caused or worsened several disc bulges. This injury left me in constant pain that radiated from my lower back outward and down my legs. I was diagnosed with three bulging discs, the worst of which was between Lumbar vertebrae 4 & 5. Because of this I was barely able to walk even though I was going through the standard medical regiment of painkillers, steroids, and physical therapy, which went on for several months. This treatment barely helped me to move, but not continue sports. I was taking 2400 mg of Ibuprophin daily and was considering spinal injections to limit the pain and possibly surgery until my mother-in-law recommended Dr. Lowery. I've been to a couple of Chiropractors many years prior to this incident and was unhappy with the treatments I received but I was hopeful this time would be different. She told me Dr. Lowery helped with her shoulder pain so I decided to give him a try, since it was a better alternative to back surgery or spinal injections. Dr. Lowery worked with me to establish what treatments worked best for my injuries. Fortunately he is experienced in sports therapy and built a regiment of stretching and exercises that helped strength my muscles around the injury to allow me to return to sports. In less than two months I was playing ice hockey again and since have returned to all the other sport activities I engage in the past. Now it's been several years and combined with regular treatment I rarely use pain medicine."  - Joe P, Orangevale, CA - January 15, 2010

Auto Accident / Whiplash:

        "After several car accidents I sought treatment at Lowrey Chiropractic and am glad I did. My neck and back pain have subsided and motion has been restored in my problem joints. They are great people, courteous and very professional. I would highly recommend Lowrey Chiropractic." - Derek B., El Dorado Hills, CA - January 30, 2012 

         "I first started coming to Dr. Lowrey when I was fifteen years old. I am now a college graduate and still come in for treatment. I have always had back problems, which stem from my dad's spectacular gene pool. I had tried several other chiropractors and did not get any better from their adjustments. I would go in for treatment and saw the doctors for no more than 5 minutes. Since I began coming to Dr. Lowrey's office I felt that he really cared about me and getting to the root of the problem. I always feel like he gives me as much time as I need. When I was sixteen, I was rear-ended and I suffered from whiplash. Dr. Lowrey helped me get back on track and heal quickly! For anybody who is looking for a hands-on chiropractor I highly recommend you giving Lowrey Chiropractic a shot." - Shannon H, Roseville, CA - January 17, 2012

        "On March 2010 I was in a car accident . My upper back and neck pain were so severe that I wasn't able to move! I found Dr. Lowrey on Google and was able to get an appointment the same day. Dr. Lowrey provided me with great information regarding insurance coverage, accident policies, step by step treatment plans, and whole body wellness. He is very knowledgable and informative about the relationship between the body and chiropractic treatment. Dr. Lowrey's bedside manner and humor has made every treatment painfree and bearable. I continue to get treatments for overall wellness and body maintenance I feel so much better since my treatments and strongly recommend Lowrey Chiropractic to everyone :) " - Roxana A, El Dorado Hills, CA - July 15, 2010  

Extremity Injuries:

       "When I first came to Lowrey I had severe shoulder pain that I could not get rid of. I went to my doctor several times and they could not offer any diagnoses or any treatment plan. Their only response to my pain was to have cortisone shots injected into me every so often when the pain arose. Instead of going with that treatment plan I sought out another treatment options. This is what brought me to Lowrey Chiropractic to seek treatment. My first session that I had with Dr. Lowrey was a great experience. He is professional, friendly, and he worked very thoroughly to understand my situation and my pain. My first treatment that I had with him greatly decreased my pain in my shoulder and helped increase the range of motion with my shoulder. Dr. Lowrey used many different treatment methods to help my shoulder pain. He used advanced soft tissue treatments such as ART which greatly help with my shoulder pain. He even sent me exercises that I can do daily to help decrease my pain and increase my range of motion. I strongly recommend seeking Dr. Lowrey's advice and treatment for pain you may experience!" - Keith B, Folsom, CA - March 5, 2012

       "I started coming to Dr. Lowrey for extensive scar tissue in my lower legs and for a coccyx injury I have had for over ten years. He is one of the few providers of any kind (PT, Ortho, Chiro) to offer Active Release Therapy (ART), Graston, and Chiropractic care. I had immediate relief from the coccyx pain I have had off and on for over ten years and am seeing huge improvement in both my flexibility and pain level from the scar tissue in my legs. I appreciate the fact that Dr. Lowrey keeps up to date on the latest treatments available and is continually improving the care he provides to patients. I would highly recommend Dr. Lowrey whether your injury is simple or complex." -Diana L, Rescue, CA - August 8, 2011

       "A family friend suggested my son consult Dr. Lowrey for a shoulder injury. The pain relief when Dr. Lowrey treated him was amazing and was evidenced by the look on his face. Because of that I consulted Dr. Lowrey regarding some lower back pain I was experiencing. With education, treatment and excercises my back pain is all but gone. I have continued to consult and be treated by Dr. Lowrey for maintenance for several years as well as additional treatment for automobile accident injury and carpal tunnel with extremely good results and relief from pain. The combination of Graston and ART techniques used by Dr. Lowrey are truly amazing! I am extremely satisfied with the results I have experienced at Lowrey Chiropratic and highly recommend Lowrey to everyone!" -Kathy H, El Dorado Hills, CA - July 27, 2011

        "When I first came to Dr.Lowrey I had very little movement in my upper thigh. I had been to physical therapy and several other chiropractors that tried to fix me. However, through the ART and Graston tool, my healing has been remarkable. I have more movement now than I have had in years. Yes it's uncomfortable to go through the ART and Graston, but well worth the few minutes of uncomfortableness. In addition to my thigh problem he has helped my neck pain as well. I am a dental hygienist so neck pain is constant.He relieves my pain which allows me to work much more comfortably. I would recommend this office to everyone. And I have!!!! " -Alaina P, Roseville, CA - May 12, 2011

        "My intense pain began last summer after wearing new exercise/walking shoes. I experienced intense pain in hip area, groin, thigh, radiating down my leg. After having appointments with my family doctor, I was sent to a neurologist, had an MRI, underwent a lumbar injection, sent to physical therapy and as we came into the new year, my pain continued. I was advised to buy a cane. Finally my son who has experienced back problems suggested I look into the treatments he had in Boulder, Co. My husband and I researched the ART and Graston treatments, and soon found our way to Dr. Lowrey mid March (2011) I have undergone about a dozen treatments and have been relieved of my intense pain, feeling almost 100% after so many months of hurting! " - Sydney B, El Dorado Hills, CA - April 6, 2011

       "Dr. Lowery is the best choice for chiropractic care in my opinion. I have been a patient for 3 years and feel very comfortable with the treatments provided by Dr. Lowrey. I have had Chiropractic, Graston and ART services done by Dr. Lowrey and have been pleased with all of the care I have recieved from Lowrey Chiropractic. I have undergone two surgeries in the past two years. One was a minor scope on my right knee and the other was a major repair on my left patellar tendon. Dr. Lowrey tailored my care package to help me on my road to recovery. His office is professional, polite and dedicated. I couldn't ask for anything more." - Scott S, Folsom, CA - January 12, 2012   

Other Ailments:

       "Best chiropractic care you will find in the area bar none. He is easy to talk with and promotes the patient rather than himself which is rare in chiropractic care. No BS honest and straight forward. No long term contracts to sign, no "used car sales approach" no gimmicks just full service chiropractic care that is all about ensuring that the patient is treated and respectfully. A vast array of treatment methods provide to ensure that one will suit your needs. Not a one size fits all approach instead a one patient at a time approach." - Alexis M, El Dorado Hills, CA - March 27, 2012

       "I have arthritis and since I have seen Dr. Lowrey the pain has subsided. Now I have mobility in my hands and hips. Dr. Lowrey has given me the opportunity to play with my grandchildren. Thanks so much Dr. Lowrey." -Sylvia M, Folsom, CA - July 14, 2011

        "I found Dr Lowrey on line. I had a bad experience at a Chiropractic office in Jackson and need to find someone out of the area. Dr Lowrey had 21 positive referrals - more than any other... so I decided to give him a call. His staff, Susie, was helpful and very pleasant... Plus, I would be remised not to mention very professional. Dr Lowrey is a caring and experienced Chiropractor. His methods are different from what I had experienced in the past. His website offers helpful info on maintenance, stretching and general information regarding his practice. I would not hesitate recommending Dr Lowrey to my family, friends and the general public. Believe me Dr Lowrey is NOT your run of the mill bone-cracker... He gets results and is at the cutting edge of modern Chiropractic care. Thank you Dr Lowrey... you're the BEST!" -Bill R, Jackson, CA  - July 8, 2011

        "One of the things I appreciate most about Lowrey Chiropractic is that Dr. Lowrey is on the forefront of what works to relieve pain with specialized, non-invasive techniques. Doctors wanted to prescribe me medications, surgery and other invasive ways of masking my pain; the treatment I received at Lowrey Chiropractic curbed my pain and made my active lifestyle do-able again. The staff is always friendly, caring and helpful whether handling your insurance, pain management and simply caring about their patients. I would recommend Lowrey Chiropractic to anyone in need of chiropractic help." - Audrey C, Wilton, CA - April 27, 2011

       "I first came to Lowery Chiropractic in April 2011. I was in extreme pain, to the point of tears. I asked friends and family and they suggested I see a chiroprator. I found Lowrey Chiropractic on the web when searching for someone close to my home. When I called I was greeted with sympathy and kindness and was able to get an appointment within a couple hours of my call. After just a few appointments I just knew that I was on the road to recoveryDr. Lowrey used several new techniques on me that I have never experienced, and with these he was able to get me out of my extreme pain very quickly. Dr. Lowery I found goes above and beyond in his patient care and treats every case differently and really explains the root of the pain and how he can help. I will continue his care and also recommend others." - Pam W, El Dorado Hills, CA - April 25, 2011

        "In 2006, I had a hemorrhagic stroke in the cerebellum. Consequently, I was inactive for nearly a year. I met Dr. Lowrey in 2007. He performed numerous treatments, including: 1) chiropractic adjustments to my lower back for my back pain, 2) physical therapy for my neck pain, 3) Graston and ART for various muscle ailments, and 4) advice for home treatments to improve my balance issues caused by my stroke. In other words, Dr. Lowrey treats the whole body. By 2008, I returned to working and playing sports! Thanks, Dr. Lowrey!"  - John W, El Dorado Hills, CA - June 13, 2010

        ”Dr. Lowery was very thorough and demonstrated a genuine concern for my situation. He was motivated not just in the relief of my pain but in long-term management of what was causing my problems. He spent as much time treating me as he did educating me as well in body so that I could be an active participant in my own healing and recovery. I highly recommend Dr. Lowrey - he and his staff are great! ...and the heating pad on the massage tables after for a short cat-nap is a bonus!”  Shawn, September 2013


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